Bussin’ a move

As I’ve stated in other posts, the beginning of our picture story class for my capstone in photojournalism as been focusing on sequences for telling stories. After several discussions with my classmates on what makes a good sequence and where to find inspiration I decided that I wanted to focus on the routines we all follow in our everyday life. This year is the first year I’ve lived off-campus and because of this I ride a bus every day from my parking lot at the edge of campus to the center of campus to go to my classes. This week I took my camera with me and photographed the process of waiting for the bus, getting on, riding and then getting off. Here’s my sequence:

MU students waiting for the bus to return to their cars

MU students wait for the bus to return to the Trowbridge parking lot at the end of the day

Boarding the bus

Afternoons find the buses much emptier than the mornings

Students exit the bus in the parking lot

Students walk to their cars after riding the bus from the middle of campus to the Trowbridge parking lot

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