Dinner with Mr.Kennedy

So at this point I’ve been in my capstone for photojournalism for about 2 weeks now and have been getting back into regularly taking pictures. So far I’m really loving the class, my classmates are great and our discussions have really been inspiring me to photograph more and to focus more on how life happens around me and photograph that. Not every picture or subject has to be Pulitzer Prize worthy but by taking those pictures I’m going to get better.

The other night I had dinner with my friend David and wound up photographing his cooking process more than actually helping. I had the idea in my head of shooting sequences because that’s what we talked about the most in class this week and I was really focused on just how much we all get into routines in our everyday life. Dinner was delicious and beautiful, David’s penne alla vodka and fresh salad was perfect! (despite the mess he made while cooking it 😉 )

Dinner on the table, before we sat down...

The table after we demolished our meal.

I played around a lot with some other pictures too and I realized just how much fun metal and glass can be to photograph when you’re not under pressure in a studio to get it just right for a class assignment!

Something about David's can opener begged me to photograph it.

I'm pretty sure I was making David nervous while I was arranging his sharp knives but I promise no blood was shed!

I also have a fun series of mixing a Manhattan as an after-dinner cocktail but I’ll save those for another post.

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