Tromp de l’oeil

Day 8: Today Ben drove me home since I’m still car-less, he’s such a good boyfriend. On the way we stopped downtown so he could run into the dry cleaner’s and since I’m a wimp when it comes to the cold I waited in the car. While just looking around I noticed something a bit odd about the reflection in the passenger side mirror: the words on the street sign and the dry cleaner’s were going the right direction. What made this even stranger was that as I peered closer I saw a second reflection of the same street sign and building and the words were reversed, like a reflection should be. I’m still not entirely sure what happened but I think the first reflection was actually a reflection of the reflection in the car window and the second reflection was a real reflection. Anyway it happened, here’s my picture of it and the close of my first week of this little project.

Ben's passenger-side mirror, with Tiger Cleaners and the 8th and Locust sign reflected in it.

PS-today’s blog title is a French term meaning “trick of the eye”. You learn wonderful, helpful phrases like this all the time when you’re a French-minor.

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One Response to Tromp de l’oeil

  1. Lillian Kelly says:

    Love this mirror/window shot!!!

    Great quality of light, and good seeing. 🙂

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