I think I just ate glue…

Day 20: I work at the International Center here on campus and I work mainly for the international student and scholar advisors. Quite often my supervisors get presents from international students, usually after they return to MU from going back to their respective countries for a visit. Sometimes this warrants lovely scarves, sometimes it’s fun toys but sometimes it’s weird food…such as “White Rabbit creamy candies” from China. For those of you who have never had a White Rabbit creamy candy, let me advise you not to try one, especially if you have any crowns or fillings. These things look and taste like tacky, semi-solid glue and were so terrible none of us could really finish them and we were all about to choke from laughing at each other. Jennifer and Becky had it the worst!

Jennifer (left) and Becky trying to gum down their White Rabbit creamy candies

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One Response to I think I just ate glue…

  1. Vivian an an says:

    omg. i googled the candy. check out the recalls on it:


    formaldehyde and melamine contamination

    of course these recalls happened a couple of years ago, but still. yuck!

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