New hair-do

Day 7.2: My hair was getting uncontrollable lately so I had to go see Josh, my favorite hair dresser ever! I know that whenever I sit in his chair Josh is going to do something great, easy and fun with my hair. He’s also a hoot and a half and thought our 30 days project sounded like fun. So here’s to you, Josh! You made the 30 days!

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2 Responses to New hair-do

  1. erin*carly says:

    Where is this guy, and is the place expensive? I always have SUCH a hard time finding a good curly haircutter!

    • lauraherring88 says:

      His name is Josh Trammel and he’s at Salon Nefisa downtown at 9th and Walnut. It’s moderately expensive as far as college life goes, about $30 for a wash, cut and style but for me it’s totally worth it. I’m always happy with the results. If you go please give them my name as a reference because I get points for that and I’m trying to cash them in before graduation.

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