You only turn 4 once

My nephew’s 4th birthday party was this weekend and I had a blast! My sister has some very strong Martha Stewart tendencies and the whole thing was over the top in fun. The theme was cowboys and the wild west, and believe me, things did get wild! Here are some pictures I took of the whole event and of my 3 nieces and the birthday boy in general!

Sherriff Dylan, the birthday boy!

Sherriff Dylan, the birthday boy!

Peanut, I'm pretty sure she was the wanted outlaw.

Kallie, she was just there for the doughnuts.

Deputy Carissa!

Ben was a good sport, he even answered to all his other names, "Silly Uno Boy," "Din," and nothing at all.

Making a wish

There has to be some sort of present in there!

Grandpa shouldn't have put Whitley on Dylan's bike, I see lots of fights breaking out over this...

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2 Responses to You only turn 4 once

  1. iashe says:

    I love these! The second-to-last one cracks me up; it’s like the bag is going to swallow him whole 🙂

  2. Becky-the mom says:

    I love these pics! I am so glad you were there with your camera so it was one less thing I had to worry about! They are taken from some great angles and totally capture their personalities so perfectly!!!!

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