Tie-ing up loose ends

Day 16.2: I realize this isn’t the most technically perfect photo but I like the idea of it. John Baker, the pastor at Columbia’s First Baptist Church and my main subject for my part of the Broadway Project in Picture Story, has a quick routine for getting ready for the 11 am service each Sunday. The earlier, more contemporary service is non-traditional and more relaxed but before the traditional service he puts on a tie real quick and his robes.

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2 Responses to Tie-ing up loose ends

  1. Like the idea of this photo, too. A nice transition shot that also gives us a peak behind the scenes of his public life. A quiet, private moment.

    Like you said, not technically perfect. Hard to tell from this resolution what’s sharp… His hands in the reflection, maybe?

  2. While you may not be able to repeat this photo, are there other moments that offer us a quiet glimpse behind the scenes of his life?

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