Last 1st Birthday

Hey all, I’ve been super busy since graduation traveling back and forth across Missouri and heading over to Kansas a couple times trying to get about a million things done before starting my new job. So far I’ve managed to get things set-up for my first day at work (next Monday), find an apartment in Manhattan (pictures to come later this week after the move) and spend some time with the nieces and nephew.

On the nieces note, this weekend was my niece Carissa’s 1st birthday. Now as my youngest niece, Carissa’s party is likely the last 1st birthday I will be going to for one of my nieces/nephews and thus the last one I’ll be going to for a while. I love birthday parties in general, see my post on Dylan turning 4, and 1st birthdays are particularly special. There’s nothing like that look when the lucky kiddo tears into his/her very own birthday cake for the first time. Carissa’s party was a lot of fun and here are some of the shots I liked the best from that special day!

The birthday girl!!

Whitley tries to help because, "Baby 'Rissa messy". Apparently Whitley can make all the mess in the world but Carissa can't. Go figure.

That was good Mom, can I have some more?

Yeah, Mom, can I have some more? (Don't let the tears fool you, they were crocodile tears meant to get her some cake)

So my brother-in-law and I may have tied all the birthday balloons to the birthday girl to see if we could get some lift on her. Don't worry, no babies were harmed during the making of this post.

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