These Kids Melt My Heart

I’d say it’s putting it mildly that it’s a good thing my new job isn’t very far from “my kids.” My nieces and nephew have me wrapped around their grubby, little fingers and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I spent some time the past few days with my only nephew, Dylan, and his little sister Whitley and we had a blast. Dylan is becoming such a grown up little man, complete with T-ball gear and a love for “Trouble” while Whitley is still a little imp of a toddler. She’s pure rottenness but has such a cute smile and adorable little voice that I have a hard time saying no to her. I guess I’ll have to work on that…

It kills me that I cut off his right hand, but it's so hard to predict the random joy of a four year-old!

Is there anyting better about childhood that the pure belief in wishes that come from blowing a dandelion?

When this little bit says "C'mon, Wawa, fawo me, fawo me, Wawa" there's no saying no by Aunt Wawa

She's even cuter in Bubba's T-ball helmet.

No fear!

It is incredibly difficult to get an in-focus picture of a child in a swing!

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