This Brave New World

So today was my first day and as I’m sitting here at my sister’s typing this I’m realizing I really haven’t told all of you out there what I’m doing now that I’ve graduated. By now I mean in the coming months and not this literal moment because at this literal moment I’m at my sister’s house listening to her read my nephew a bedtime story and boy have I forgotten how funny Curious George could be!

Anyway, back to reality. This weeks is my first week working as a Community Journo in De Soto, KS for The World Company. The World Company is a very forward-thinking, multimedia umbrella company which owns many news outlets, such as the Lawrence Journal-World (print and online) and many smaller community sites like The De Soto Explorer (my site), the local ABC affiliate TV station KTKA and many other publishing and production companies.

Today was my first day with the company and I just went through part of my orientation and met with IT to get my new gear, believe me, a Droid phone takes some getting used to. It’s going to be great though once I get the hang of it.

Tomorrow I’ll head to De Soto and meet with Estuardo Garcia, the current Journo there. Estuardo’s decided to go back to school in the fall to get another degree so I’m going to be shadowing him for the summer to learn the ropes before taking the reins sometime in August/September. Our purpose in the community is to create a web-presence that can be the go-to place for people in De Soto to get all their news.  From city council meetings to Little League games, school happenings to business openings, we’re there to cover it all.  Using photos, articles, social media, video and anything else at our disposal we will be the voice of the community.

For the rest of the summer I’ll be working with Estuardo on getting to know the contacts he’s made in De Soto and getting a grasp on the foundation he’s already laid. Tomorrow I’ll start meeting with key figures in the community and identifying the major hot spots. It’s going to be a lot of work and a sharp learning-curve but I’m looking forward to every minute of it! I promise to do a better job of updating this blog, but if you can’t get enough of me here be sure to check out the De Soto site often!!

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