Classic cars & Business card bingo

My new job continues to be wonderful! I’m really getting the opportunity to use the skills I learned as a daily photographer/reporter for The Columbia Missourian and the skills I learned as a photo editor at that same publication. I’d say my time is pretty evenly split among covering community news/events, editing & posting from this coverage and then posting/collecting contributed content from community members. Eventually this will include selling ad space as the site continues to grow but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

The more I’m in De Soto, the more I’m realizing what a lovely little place it is. In a lot of ways it reminds me of my hometown and gives me that same warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside. Here’s a pretty typical image of the town of De Soto.

An American flag flies in front of the De Soto Memorial Hall. The building houses the Chamber of Commerce and the local fire station.

Wednesday morning I went to Grandpa’s Old Ford garage, owned and operated by Dean Weller. Weller will be 85 this summer and has been restoring classic cars since his retirement at age 52. Every inch of his garage either has a car parked on it or a spare part hanging from it. I’m by no means a car nut, but I’ve always liked the look of classic cars and everyone there was so friendly and enthusiastic. A group from the Kansas City area called KC Car Guys was visiting on their monthly auto tours and every one of those men was acting like a kid in a candy shop and couldn’t stop himself from “teaching” me about cars. It didn’t really stick but I had a great time any way!

Just a few of the dozens of restored classics at Dean Weller's auto shop in De Soto.

Thursday I started my day at the De Soto Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon. Again I got to meet several of the “key players” in the community, including their state senator, Julie Lynn. It was a great way to see into that part of the De Soto community and hear about some up coming events. This place is going to be hopping! The last weekend in June and the first two in July all have HUGE community events planned that I’m very excited to cover.

As always please check out The De Soto Explorer website to see full posts and community events.

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