Everything must go, including the kitchen sink

Friday was another great day semi-solo in De Soto. Estuardo’s been out of town the past couple days so I’ve been trying to figure things out for myself a bit. I started my day at the library again, I’m really starting to find that it’s a nice “hub” for the community and a great control center for me, hanging out at the Summer Reading program. They had a pretty entertaining illusionist put on a show for the kids (check out my gallery on the De Soto site) and everyone had a great time.

After I posted about the Summer Reading program and put up some other information Estuardo left with me for the weekend I headed out to see what else was going on on a muggy Friday afternoon. I stumbled upon a garage sale on the edge of town and, after speaking with the owner of the house, spent some time there photographing and chatting with people. Everyone seemed very pleased with the selection and the owner was especially pleased with the turnout. This year was the first year she advertised on CraigsList and really thinks that helped. The picture below is of my personal favorite item for sale at this very varied garage sale.

The garage sale had the typical items, kids' clothing and miscellanious kitchen items, but then it had this little beauty: the kitchen sink. For a mere $15 you could own this lovely item of idiomatic legend!

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