Take me out for some T-Ball

This week is going to be a lot of working on previews for the annual De Soto Days Festival so I probably won’t be doing too much more blogging in the next few days. I’m writing some previews of some exciting things that I’ll talk more about later.

I still can’t get over how great it is to be so close to (living with at the moment) my sister and her kids! Tonight I got to go to Dylan’s T-ball game and had a blast! He’s so great out on the field and Whitley is really just too photogenic for her own good. Granted, she’s ornery as hell, but she’s cute while she’s at it.

C'mon bud, get a good hit!

"Don't be scared Mama, my aim's not that bad!"

"What are you looking at? I like my cookies, okay."

Yep, that's home plate. I think you're safe, Bud.

Hit it! Hit it!

The traditional "Good game" high-five line.

Throwin' it home!

"Hello? Did you forget about me out here?"

"Can I pway too? Pwa-pwa-pwa-pwees?"

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