Sunflowers, Farmer’s Markets and the Fourth of July

The past few weeks have been very busy at work. I’ve gone solo now and covered a pretty wide array of subjects. These are some of my personal favorites.

Rain postponed the city fireworks for De Soto, but plenty of citizens still did smaller things in their driveways. I just loved this little girl's shoes & the snapper debris.

The local VFW had a ceremony to dedicate an old naval bell that a local boy scout worked on for his Eagle Scout project. The ceremony was closed with "Taps" and I just found this perfect with the flags in the background.

The local Rotary club sells sunflowers to raise money for polio prevention. It's easy to see why they're the state flowers, they have such a simplistic beauty to them!

I've never seen this variety of sunflower before, farmer Darrel Zimmerman (which isn't that the most perfect farmer name?!?) said they're called "chocolate" sunflowers.

Sweet corn! Nothing says summer to me like fresh, homegrown sweet corn!

The farmer's market is also at Zimmerman's farm...right by the sunflower fields...I'm sorry but this is just too quaint to not photograph.


Sunflower stalks are a $1 apiece or 12 for $10. This lovely lady bought a dozen in all varieties.

Fresh veggies=eye candy!

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2 Responses to Sunflowers, Farmer’s Markets and the Fourth of July

  1. Ivy says:

    I love the bee in the first sunflower photo! Nice detail 🙂

    Also, Darrell Zimmermann is definitely an excellent farmer name.

    • lauraherring88 says:

      Thanks! I could photograph those flowers every day! I’m loving the stuff on your blog, by the way. I can’t wait to see baseball photos!!

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