Some smells just can’t be forgotten

For those of you who don’t know, I grew up on a farm. A real-life, cattle-raising, crop harvesting, no-neighbors farm. I had a pony, I rode 4-wheelers and tractors and ate the animals I watched being born. According to many of my MU classmates, I grew up in “The Little House on the Prairie” (which is ironic, given my namesake, but that’s another story).

The Johnson County fair is coming up the first week of August, which means that this week is a crazy flurry of 4-H’ers madly trying to finish crafts projects and making sure livestock are fully broken. Tonight I went to the last show practice for the sheep showing members of the Pioneer 4-H club of De Soto, Kansas and had a great time actually being around animals again. I was instantly taken back to hot, summer days as a pre-teen, fighting with stubborn lambs and laughing with friends. 4-H was such an important part of my youth and I’m really looking forward to working with them for the next couple weeks.

These are faces that epitomize the phrase, "so ugly they're cute".

I remember being their age and being so focused on keeping ahold of my lamb that everything else leaves your mind so you fall for trick questions like: "Where's the 14th rib on your lamb?" and "How many weathers were born last year?" I'll give major kudos to anyone who can tell me why these are trick questions.

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