Inappropriate names

My old roommate got a fish. We went to the pet store together and she bought a beta while I looked at toys for my kittens, or as I call them, my girls. Anyway, she bought a white-ish, male beta, he’s really cute, for a fish. When you think about it, it’s actually a bit pathetic, we’re both trying to replace each other as roommates with pets even though we both know deep in our hearts that neither of us can ever be replaced in the heart of the other. The point of all this rambling is to introduce Jules’ new fish, Sven Seviche, she has a twisted sense of humor.

This is Sven, I hate to break it to him but this is not his best side.

Jules really wanted to make sure Sven liked his flower.

I really hope this was a one-time deal. I doubt she stares into his eyes on a regular basis...

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