Terribly Two

My middle niece, affectionately known as Peanut, is turning two in a couple weeks. This year I did my sister a solid (I don’t know why I like that phrase so much but I do) and took Peanut’s annual photos. Here’s the thing about my niece, she’s the definition of two. She’s ornery and adorable and frustrating beyond belief, all at the same time. One minute she’ll be all giggles and then the next thing you know she’s pouting and screaming and tripping over her own feet. Okay, that last one isn’t really her fault, grace does not run deep in our gene pool.

This was my first time really doing a semi-organized photo shoot with any of the kids and I must say I got some better shots than I imagined, but most of all, I had a lot of fun! We went to Kauffman Gardens in downtown KC and a lovely little park my sister found completely by accident; we also just hung up a sheet in her living room and went to town. I really hope this turns into a trend with my sisters and I get to do more birthday photos for them! Unfortunately for me, all four of them are spring babies with Whitley’s being the last, so the next kiddo birthday won’t be until Dylan’s 5 (wow, how did that happen?) in March. Anyway, here’s Peanut in all her ornery glory!

Mommy scared her with a giant sunflower. Even at age 2 she knows pollen could be the death of her.

I started early in the morning, with breakfast. This is her "Does Bubba's biscuit have more jelly than mine?" look.


"Okay, I'm weddy. C'mon Wawa, fowo me!"

Sibling love, or something like that

O hey, look at me! I'm a princess! I have lots of pink on!

What's back here? I'm sure it's something I could use to get in trouble. Darn locks.

"Dylan, take Peanut's hand." "But why?" "Just do it, okay, Bud." "But why?" "Because you're her superhero big brother and she needs your help." "Okay, come here my sweet baby sister." I swear, that's how the kid talks.


Bless her heart, she just has not mastered the art of blowing bubbles yet

I confess, I picked out her shoes.

You're right momma, this flower isn't so scary after all.

This kid just breaks my heart with her cuteness

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One Response to Terribly Two

  1. Dude. Print swap. They aren’t even related to me, but I find them adorable. I love love love the one with Peanut trying to open the gate and the one of them walking hand in hand. I can’t wait for all of the babies in my life to be big enough to take those photos.

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