Kickin’ new things around

Friday marked the start of the fall athletic season for De Soto and I spent the evening photographing the junior varsity and varsity soccer games. It was quite the experience, let me tell you. Yes, I’ve photographed soccer before, several times in fact, including the women’s Big XII Championship game between MU and Nebraska last fall, but Friday I was trying to photograph the games, live-tweet the event and keep track of everything going on because I had to do the write-up for after the game as well. The photographing was fine and the live-tweeting went okay, but I realized after the game that my sports writing skills are sorely lacking. I’m afraid this is going to make for a very long athletic season but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of things soon enough…I hope.

This kid's bright red cleats just fascinated me!

Soccer players just make the most interesting body positions.

Despite playing aggressively, both the junior varsity and varsity teams lost their home openers.

Some version of this photo is the soccer shot I will always be trying to get.

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