Saturday I got to go to the KC RenFest, one of my favorite Kansas City attractions. I met Jules there and we had a great day just wandering around at all the sellers’ booths, enjoyed some good beer, ate cheesecake-on-a-stick and saw my favorite show: Bob the Juggler. I’ve always loved the RenFest, mostly for the hand-made goods and watching the artisans make a lot of the stuff there. It’s also a photographer’s dream!

When Jules ordered this masterpiece the maid cried, "funnel cake, loaded!" and I think they were the sweetest words ever!

I've always loved glass work and the spiders at one stall were the most beautiful pieces I'd ever seen. They were so unique and delicate.

An even cooler little stag!

Bob! He juggles fire while walking a tight rope!

Now this is committment to knitting, this woman shears, cards, dyes and spins her own wool. Please put me out of my misery if I ever do this.

Jules found Johnny Depp's Madhatter hat.

Even my giant head couldn't hold up that hat, photo courtesy of Jules.

I just feel like these colors and textures are the epitome of "RenFest"

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