I went bowling with my sister, my nephew and one of my nieces last weekend. We had a great time, even though my sister and I royally sucked it up, keep in mind my nephew is 4 and my niece is 2. I barely won the first game, I beat Dylan by one point with a score of 92, and somehow, Peanut won the second game…by a lot…with a score of 86… But no matter the scores, it was fun, family time and I can’t wait to take them again sometime! And yes, these photos are horribly grainy because my poor, little camera stinks at high ISOs and because the bowling alley had horrible light.

Yeah, she won this game, and she didn't even pay attention when she pushed the ball. She was more concerned with how the couples on the lane next to us were doing.

Even their smallest shoes were three sizes too big for Peanut. She kept stepping out of them on her way to bowl.

Her favorite part of bowling was definitely the hand-blower.

This big guy insisted on bowling a few frames without the ramp to help him and he was awesome!

"What? You think I can't pick up this ball? It only weights about a quarter what I do, no big deal."

"See? I told you I could carry it!" And she did, every time, without ever dropping it on her toes.

I love this kid and how serious he gets over sports.

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