Small Steps

I’ve been covering sports a lot for the Explorer lately and “a lot” is the understatement of the year. I’m usually at at least 2 games of some sort a week, this week will be 4. The back of my hand is turning green from so many “Wildcats” stamps to let me in and out freely, which is good since volleyball and soccer play at the same times…

Anyway, the bonus about this is that I’m getting better at shooting sports one game at a time. Volleyball and soccer are getting much easier. Volleyball doesn’t really surprise me since, of all sports, it’s probably the one I know the best since I had so many friends in high school who played and who I helped practice, soccer is a shock since it is potentially the sport I knew/know the least about. Football is still a lost cause since I still can’t even grasp the basic principles of the game. I think I will forever be doomed to getting only the features. Ben will be so disappointed.

My semi-permanent Wildcats stamp. I'm considering getting it tattooed on before basketball season starts.

This was a great game for DHS, for the first time ever, they defeated Mill Valley, their arch-rival.

It's easy to make soccer look good when they play on a field running north/south right around the golden hour.

The field was a wet, soggy mess for Tuesday's game but the Wildcats came out on top 2-1 against Ottawa.

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