An organic subject

Gayle is this incredible friend of Jules’ mom & the owner/operator of an organic farm & soap house. She’s also the host of an art show each spring where I’ll be selling some of my photos, but that’s beside the point. Gayle was just snapping beans when we were there & there was just something about her hands & the old enamel bowl & the color of the beans that just begged to be photographed.

I took her position near an open window to be a sign that she needed to be photographed.

I've always loved hands, anyone's hands. I hope to someday do some sort of project centered just around hands.

Fresh picked green beans+vintage blue enamel bowl=photog heaven

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One Response to An organic subject

  1. Jeanine Jacomb says:

    Hey Laura, It was a real pleasure to have you at the Farm last weekend and your pictures are incredible. I know Gayl will love the ones you took of her and the beans. Can’t wait to have you down again sometime. Keep up the great work. Jeanine

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