TGIF: Thank God it’s finished

It’s over, the home football season is over. The Wildcats played their final home game of the season Friday night, which they won handily, so I am free of football fear for another year. It’s not that I dislike the game, I just don’t really get it. I understand the very basic concept, but all those special screens and plays and such go way over my head, which makes it very difficult to photograph. No one wants to look at a sports photo without the ball in it and when you have no idea where the ball goes after the snap (see, I do know some minimal vernacular) it’s very hard to photograph it.

That being said, I did finally get some decent shots from a football game. You’ve all been very patient with me posting soccer, volleyball and tennis shots here so now I’ll finally give you some football. Please be kind.

De Soto junior Joey Johnson goes for the tackle of the Bishop Ward carrier during the game on Friday, Oct. 15. De Soto crushed Bishop Ward 54-22 in the seniors' last home game.

DHS junior Gabe Hamilton runs the ball past the Bishop Ward defense during the first quarter of the game on Friday, Oct. 15. Hamilton's run assisted junior Cole Cannon's touchdown, the first of the game. DHS triumphed over Ward 54-22.

Because it was the last home game of the season, it was senior recognition night. I had the pleasure of talking to this mother before the ceremony and she was just a whirlwind of emotions, especially since her son has had to miss most of the season with an injury. It was a good night and I’m really happy for the Wildcats, they played a great game.

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