New Year’s Eve = Wedding Eve

My dear friends Sarah and Seth got married this weekend. Even though I wasn’t in the wedding, one of the bridesmaids was kind enough to let me stay with her so I was able to tag along with her and the rest of the bridal party and see lots of behind-the-scenes events and attend the rehearsal dinner.

The test drive for Sarah's hair. This pretty much sums up what she was up to leading up to the wedding; obsessively making lists and checking them twice.

Avery, the daughter of the minister. She's been to several weddings in her short life so far and consequently has hers all planned out. I, personally, can't wait to see her in her bright, blue dress.

Josh, a groomsman, and his date, Elizabeth, at the rehearsal dinner.

Will, the best man and another life-long friend, receives a talking-to from bridesmaid Andrea. He must have done something pretty bad.

I don't remember what caused this priceless reaction from Julia (center) and Erin (the kind heart who let me sleep on her futon) but whatever it was didn't phase the lovely mother of the bride.

Seth's mom loved the boquet Sarah's aunt made from the bows from her bridal shower.

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