With a new year comes a new life together

As I’ve mentioned, I went to Chicago over the weekend to attend Seth and Sarah’s New Year’s Day wedding. The weekend was wonderful, the wedding was beautiful and the love of my dear friends is something incredibly special. I snapped away in the morning, as the girls were getting ready, but for the most part I put my camera away when their photographer arrived to begin her work, they were smart and hired the incredibly talented (and fellow Mizzou grad) Maggie Rife.

Sarah gave each of her attendants beautiful bracelets with golden links to signify their connection.

I noticed this antique cake topper in the china cabinet in Sarah's parents' dining room, it topped the cake at her grandparents' wedding more than 50 years ago.

Chelsea, the incredibly talented and hilarious stylist, also the roommate of one of the bridesmaids and whose futon I slept on.

Chelsea gave Andrea an awesome bun. Plus, Andrea was wearing a fantastic "shirt" made out of a very drapy scarf in order to protect her hair. It was great.

Sarah received the royal treatment the morning of her wedding: a hand massage and green tea bags on her eyes. She looked beautiful!


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2 Responses to With a new year comes a new life together

  1. Maggie Rife says:

    These are great!! I love the one of Sarah receiving the “royal treatment”!!! How fabulous! So nice to meet you. The wedding was a blast.

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