Grandpa never stood a chance

I spent part of the weekend at my dad’s house in southwestern Missouri for a belated family Christmas. Now my dad, my sisters and I all grew up on farms and my oldest sister’s kids are too, my other niece and nephew not so much, so when we were down at Grandpa’s, Dylan and Peanut “helped” with the chores. They put on their mud boots (a last-minute buy) and went out to feed the horses and look at the tractor and just have fun. Grandpa was ticked pink to have them there and it was super fun for me to watch the kids doing a lot of the same things I grew up doing.

Dylan loved that his jacket looked just like his cousin Kallie's. He had a lot of fun breaking in those mudboots too.

Pushing some hay through for Thunder and Lighting...

Peanut "helped" push the wheelbarrow. It was amusing to watch.

She was having fun, I promise!

Peanut liked Thunder. I do too, until I turn my back and he nips at my hair. That darn horse has always been a thorn in my side.

Dylan thought Lightning might like to taste some snow. He passed.

Grandpa and Kallie took a croquet break.

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