All I know about Kansas I learned in the 4th grade

Tomorrow is Kansas Day, the day Kansas entered the union. This year’s Kansas Day is especially notable because it’s the 150th anniversary of statehood. The fourth-graders in De Soto have been studying Kansas history since the semester began and started making their own Kansas flags today. While I was observing the class, they went over some of Kansas’ state symbols and some famous Kansans. Growing up in Missouri, I must admit that we never talked about our neighbors to the west, they were a bit taboo. Having been here for 7 months now (I know, crazy!) I’m learning Kansas isn’t so bad after all.

Fourth-graders are very detail-oriented when it comes to colors. I would also like to know why the Great Seal of the State of Kansas shows mountains in the backgroud. Is it looking towards Colorado?

Stick glue is incredible. Also, my new favorite fact about Kansas is that their state amphibian is the TIGER salamander.

One student cut out a meticulous, miniature sunflower for the top of her flag.

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