Room for improvement

DHS finally had another home basketball game this week so I got to practice again. It’s been difficult, on many fronts, to handle this school’s basketball season because they play less than half their games at home and I just can’t travel to all their away games. The Wildcats played Wyandotte High this week and the game was a close one, DHS lost 61-59 and my heart broke for those boys. They were tied at 59 with 2 seconds left in the game when DHS fouled and Wyandotte sank the free-throws.

The lighting in the DHS gym is horrible. As a journalist I have no opinion on the proposed addition of a new gym, as a photographer I wish they would break ground tomorrow.

This kid is a junior and he's a beast.

This kid sank 5 three-pointers for DHS, including the one to bring the score to a tie with 5 seconds left to play.

I just thought this one was fun, in an out-take sort of way. I also really have a thing for the square-crop lately.

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