Fourth of July: a good excuse for extended family to get together and blow things up

As I said, my dad’s family has a huge get together every year for the Fourth, and I do mean huge. My dad’s generation has 18 first cousins in it (my dad is one of eight) and just those eight alone had a combined 15, then in the next generation (my nieces and nephew) there are already 11, so you can see how the numbers add up quickly. Anyway, our party is a great time every year and it’s really wonderful to see everybody, plus it makes for one hell of a fireworks show!

Carefully sparklering.

She was pretty careful too.

The kids all wore glow sticks as well, prompting my cousin's girlfriend to comment that it looked like Tron. By the way, these kids are my dad's cousin's grandkids, confused yet? Me too.

Some more cousins.

The grand finale, this one firework went on like this for several minutes. Like I said, my family really likes to blow stuff up.

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