Art en plein air

I’ve been working at The De Soto Explorer for a little more than a year now, which means it’s getting to the point where I’m covering the same events for the second time. I must say that it’s kind of a nice feeling to go to an event, say the annual Sunflower ArtFest, and be able to chat with the organizers about how much nicer the weather is this year versus last year and do I remember so-and-so, why yes, I do. Here are a few of my favorite frames from the festival this year.

For being only three, little Jordan here did a very good job sitting still to have his portrait drawn. That is, until he sneezed and found it hilarious so he kept fake sneezing.

The thing I really love about this art festival, aside from the beautiful setting & the friendly people, is the fact that they have a plein air, or outdoor/on-site, painting competition. As an artist I love the experience of creating art & this woman along with her competitors really made me want to try plein air painting myself sometime.

Bees on a sunflower, hey, it's the theme & it's Kansas, I had to.

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