About Laura Herring

I’m from a small town, which I lovingly refer to as “The Sticks,” but I really am grateful I grew up there. I love photography and visual expression in general.

After graduating from the University of Missouri in May with a degree in photojournalism and a minor in French, I started my first job. I’m a journo for The World Company. I run an online news site for the small town of De Soto, Kan.

I love seeing new things and taking opportunities to see old things in new ways. I think this is why I love photography-every time I look through a camera I see something different. Curiosity may be what killed the cat, but I am a firm believer that satisfaction brought it back and that only by asking questions and seeking answers do we learn from life.

As well as photography I enjoy oil painting, knitting, crocheting and reading pretty much anything I can. I hope to never stop learning new hobbies or pursuing new dreams.


2 Responses to About Laura Herring

  1. Your Favorite Cousin says:

    Amazing Pictures Laura, quite a gift you have.

  2. chericherry says:

    Hello, Laura. Cheri from the Missourian newsroom. I would like to mail your award from the 2010 MPA Better Newspaper contest (first place for best news photograph). Would you drop a line with your mailing address? Thanks.

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